Formitize Feature: Introducing Job History Tracking

Are you constantly wondering what your field agents are doing all day? Now you have a way to track their activities. Formitize introduces the all-new Job History.



New Feature: Job History Tracking


A new feature “Job History” has been added to the Job Page. It tracks the activities related to a job from creation to completion. All entries are time and date stamped with User ID to help you monitor the history of the job.


How Job History Tracking Works


The Job History captures details such as when jobs are created, when users are assigned, when changes are made, when jobs are accepted and started, when travel breaks are taken, when forms are started, and more.


The job start time and end time are highlighted in yellow to stand out. These times are used to calculate the total job time (breaks are automatically deducted to provide the total Job Duration).


More New Features


Now that we are able to monitor and record time against different activities for different users, the opportunity to auto generate labour costs and automated timesheets becomes possible for the future and development has begun on these features already.


Would you like to learn more about the new Job History Tracking from Formitize? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!

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